Sunday, September 1, 2013

End of summer, and the hobby

Hello intrepid reader,

It may appear as thou I've disappeared from the hobby front, that couldn't be further from the truth!
I've been actively painting not much hobby time to play or post here. I've been working on my Eldar army, bought a new air brush Patriot 105 really like it. I've been actively reading blogs, but between work,camping with family and general summer fun this blog has taken a back seat to other things.

I'd like to think I will start blogging more but not going to make promises, some hobby related things I've done lately. I'm working on my Eldar army, I've been messing around with war machine, I've also gotten more paints and I'm going to try some of the techniques like oil washes that I've read about on various blogs. I'm excited about the new space marine codex, even thou I play FleshTearers a blood angel successor chapter. The new codex doesn't effect my army yet. I've invested in a few kick starters like Raging heroes and Textured stamp one. A friend of mine has a miniature company called Hydra miniatures he sculpts his own miniatures and has a couple games of retro SciFi games, think Flash Gordon!!! That are easy to play, and the miniatures are quite nice, done in white metal.

I wish I had more to talk about but seem to be drawing a blank, so I will leave it here. I was going to say I'll post more but we will see. Till next time!!!! Keep painting and gaming

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello, I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. I have wanted to post but Real Life has intervened. My hobby time has been spotty here and there but I have been doing stuff.

Ive ventured into warmachine for a bit, painted up some rhulic mercenaries( will take pictures soon) Ive been drawn back into warhammer 40k with the release of the tau and eldar codex's. I am currently working on an eldar army, just not sure on paint scheme.

I have ventured into kickstarters, I have backed 4 to date, James Wappel's , jawaballs , Robotech , and Raging heroes . I've painted some expanded my hobby area, etc..etc.. with summer here in Michigan now I'm not sure how much hobby painting time I will get done but I will make a concerted effort to update my blog more frequently then in the past.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

WOW, a month...

It's been a month since I last posted?? Well I've been doing a little of this and a little of that. Model front I've got a huge back log of stuff to paint, I dipped my toes into the commission arena. Decided it wasn't conductive to my painting style or nerves, I hate deadlines!! Built a Dreadknight and magnitized it for a friend, worked on my first Titan model!!! Personally for my armies not much thou, Played a bunch more, won a few games!! finally!!! I really need to stop procrastinating and lay down some paint!! Maybe today? thou football and walking dead tonight after work is happening.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Morallity VS Your Pocket book??

Welcome Back intrepid reader,

Today I received 1 of my packages I've been waiting on for a few weeks. In this package was 1 contemptor pattern dreadnought and 1 of each weapon choice for the dreadnought. I bought it on EBay for the lowdown price of 80.00!!! I know your going to scream KNOCKOFF!!! or RECAST!!!
 My thing is I spend ALOT of money on my miniatures, I have legit Forge world stuff and I have what I believe to be knockoffs. Thing also is I put the "knockoff" next to my Legit forge world stuff and I can't tell the difference, they are of the same crispness and the resin is of the same color as forge world "legit" stuff. So my question to you all is this, Why should it really matter? once cleaned up, primed and then painted you can't tell the difference and I just saved myself and family almost 50 to 100 dollars!!! which means I have the extra money to go and buy GWS new codex for CSM and models from my local hobby shop.

On the hobby front, I have a little thing I am working on for a friend, I will post pictures of said project soon, I promise I have alot of pictures and stuff I am building up for a few weeks worth of picture posts.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Benn in a Funk!!!!

Welcome back intrepid reader,

Lately I've been in a painting funk, I received my replacement paints been itching to paint but when I sit down to apply paint to miniature... Nothing, it's like a dog seeing a squirrel, I get side tracked modelling or surfing the net for inspiration. I want to paint i really do but I have a block or something that won't allow me to sit and paint.

Maybe i should switch up my projects? I am at a lose for what to do, someone anyone please help!!!

On the modelling side I have almost as many Painted space marines as i have unpainted now, Primed sitting patiently waiting for paint. They are primed based and ready for paint just no paint!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Welcome back intrepid readers,

I finally received my package from GWS, it had the final batch of my paints I had to replace from my dropper bottle fiasco. I also purchased 2 Stern Guard weapon sets. BUT the box only contained 1 said set, so I got on the phone and contacted GWS customer service and a few minutes later, with an apology my missing set was on it's way to me!!! GWS has some amazing customer service.

On the hobby front I am scratch building a Dreadnought drop pod from 5mm foam board and 1mm plastic card stock and an old cereal box, I found the templates at Santa cruz warhammer, I wanted one for my dreadnought but didn't feel that Forge worlds price point was worth the cost of the Item. I will be posting pictures soon of it and what I have been up to hobby wise here in a bit.

On a side note I was so excited to see Forge world doing the Horus heresy books and models, that is till I went and looked at the prices they are asking for this stuff. 70 pound sterling for the book!!!! OMG!!! 70 pounds for a book and the models they have posted range from 70 pound sterling for 3 bikes to over 154 pound sterling for a super heavy that looks like an overgrown Predator!! Now don't get me wrong they look amazing, but the prices IMO don't justify for what you get. It's resin people Not gold bullion!!! Now don't get me wrong I will probably buy the books that contain Blood angels and word bearers because those I can relate to, but I was planning on getting them all. Not now, I have a good job, and i make decent money at my job but I can't justify these purchases to the Lord overseer (A.K.A=Wife). She wouldn't be a happy camper and I would most likely be sleeping in the dog house with my dog Kona!!!

I've also been playing some 6th edition at my FLGS. I've got to say I am having fun!! my battle record doesn't show it I'm 0-1-6 so far with my Flesh tearers, but I'm learning and having fun doing it so that's all that counts.

Till next time keep painting and gaming!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Battle results

Welcome Back Intrepid Reader,

Well I have a few more Battles under my belt. I am now 0 wins and 5 losses!!! But getting better, I wasn't TABLED in my most recent 2000 point battle against Orks with Necron allies. I lost by Victory conditions. Few things I have learned, Death company with Jump packs lead by a Chaplin Draw LOTS and LOTS of fire. Gabriel Seth is a cool character but ain't all that tough for the points he costs. Deep striking with anything close combat oriented isn't a good Idea.

So I am in a Gaming club that is starting a new campaign 500 point start, and as you win battles you gain Xp and xp unlocks more points and other unit types!! I'm excited to start this league will be definitely using my Flesh Tearers in this league. first 500 Has to be HQ and 2 troop. I got my Ideas for what it will be.

I'm having alot of fun playing, waiting on the rest of my replacement paints to Arrive and somethings i won on Ebay to arrive. Not much more to report as of now.

till next time, Battle on