Friday, September 14, 2012

Battle results

Welcome Back Intrepid Reader,

Well I have a few more Battles under my belt. I am now 0 wins and 5 losses!!! But getting better, I wasn't TABLED in my most recent 2000 point battle against Orks with Necron allies. I lost by Victory conditions. Few things I have learned, Death company with Jump packs lead by a Chaplin Draw LOTS and LOTS of fire. Gabriel Seth is a cool character but ain't all that tough for the points he costs. Deep striking with anything close combat oriented isn't a good Idea.

So I am in a Gaming club that is starting a new campaign 500 point start, and as you win battles you gain Xp and xp unlocks more points and other unit types!! I'm excited to start this league will be definitely using my Flesh Tearers in this league. first 500 Has to be HQ and 2 troop. I got my Ideas for what it will be.

I'm having alot of fun playing, waiting on the rest of my replacement paints to Arrive and somethings i won on Ebay to arrive. Not much more to report as of now.

till next time, Battle on

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