Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Next Army??

I'm sure most of us Gamers, and army Painters do this. You get 1/2 to 3/4ths done painting an army and your thoughts wander to the next army on the horizon!! Well My mind has wandered there, I am looking at either My Dark Eldar, or My Orks!!! thing with those armies I have NEVER painted either!! What you say, YES it is true I have been collecting Miniatures for 20 Plus years and I bought MY FIRST Ork with the release of the Ork Bomber. It screamed at my and from there I bought models around it to make an army, Thinking Evil Sunz cult of speed army or a Bad Moon tribe army. A friend of mine at the hobby shop i go to got me thinking about Bad moons after a discussion about the new yellow paints from GW and how Orks scream to be painted. So now I am at a Dilemma, DE or Orks? and if Orks Evil sunz or Bad moons!! Either way they both will get done eventually just which one first??

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  1. I love your painting :0) I am absolutely, without a doubt, your #1 fan !!