Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Far so good...

Well the Flesh Tearers are fleshing out, (Pun intended) LOL. I have a 10 man assault squad to do, 10 man death company, 5 man sanguinary guard, furiso dreadnought, Librarian to paint up then 1 storm raven, 2 rhinos, Baal predator and the new storm talon to do and finished with this army for awhile. I know the storm talon isn't for a BA army but the model is too cool to pass up. I am beginning to HATE painting red and black LOL. I'm looking forward to being able to play some games with this army soon. I am a believer in "rule of cool" so not to worried about winning any games just having fun with them for now. I refuse to play with an unpainted army, so haven't played with them yet should be intresting when i do begin to play. My next army on deck after this one will be a Dark eldar witch cult army, i have all the models waiting in the wings ready to go.

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