Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello, this is going to be my spot on the web to speak about my Hobby of Miniature painting collecting and converting. I mostly collect for Warhammer 40k, with a few cool looking minis for other Games workshop systems. May in the future start collecting Warhammer Fantasy Battles stuff but currently going to stick with 40k. I have never done a blog before so this is something new for me, I have been involved with Games Workshop products for 24 years or so. On again off again over this time frame i have collect most armies.

I by no means am a GREAT painter or modeller, I have learned alot from reading blogs I have found and attempting to apply what I have read or seen to my models, with varying degrees of sucess and failure. But what i have learned from all of this time is to paint for yourself and your enjoyment in the hobby. I at one time didn't do this and the hobby became a chore and no longer enjoyable to me. So I quit playing and painting. Well now I am back recharged and ready to go!!

My current project is : My Fleshtearer Space Marines. When I get more orginized i will attempt to post pictures of WIP shots of them, remember I am new at this blogging thing will figure it out eventually!! I hope

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