Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some of my stuff

My Chaplin, First attempt at Black power Armor.
 Here is some of My flesh Tearers I have completed
Gabriel Seth

Scout Sgt.

Scout 1

Scout Hvy. Weapon

scout 4

scout 5

Tactical Squad 1

Flags not done but will be when I apply Transfers

Special weapon for Sqd 1, very proud of scorch effect on flamer

Hvy for Sqd 1

Tactical squad 2

Special weapon for Sqd. 2

Squad Sgt. tried for purple lightning not sure of effect thou

Hvy weapon for squad 2


  1. None of the squad markings are on them currently, going to do them all in 1 go when the army is done.

  2. I saw your comment over at FTW. Currently building a Flesh tearers army myself, good work you got here. One tip about photos of the miniatures. If you don´t fix the colors afterwards, try using daylight instead of a lightbulb (who gives a ywllow light). Awoid taking the photo in direct sunlight, place your miniature and the camera in a shodow, or even better if it´s cloudy outside. Hope you find this little tip useful. Keep up the good work with the Flesh tearers!


  3. Figured out my problem, the base i was using isn't white is off white!?!? So with my daylight bulbs and my new camera it was tinting the picture yellow