Monday, July 9, 2012

some WIP Shots

Cockpit before the canopy is glued into place

Another cockpit shot before canopy is glued into place

top mounted turret, forgot to get a shot before gluing it into place

I got the heated gun barrel effect from a post over on Ron's site from the warp Love the effect

Almost there needs highlights on the red and black and little bits here and there landing gear etc..

I magnetized the storm bolters so i can remove them if i don't want them for some reason

Cockpit glued into place

another shot of the cockpit with the canopy glued into place


  1. Just wondering what did you use for your red on your flesh tears?

    1. I use a light grey primer, then I use mechrite red, tben I go over that with khorne red, for my shading I use carriborg crimson now. Used to use devlon mud, for highlighting I use wazdakka red. Hope that helps, on most of the minis and vehicles I used my airbrush, but some were done with a brush, I only basecoat with the airbrush

  2. thanks a bunch :)