Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1st Attempt at a Tutorial

This is the Primer I use for all my Miniatures, it provides a nice even coat I haven't had any issues with all the cans I have used.
1st step is to clean up all the mold lines and primer them, it goes without saying by the pictures i totally assemble my miniatures. I believe if you can't see it it doesn't need paint.

Here this miniature is primed and ready for painting

the next step for this guy is a Base coat of Bathaser gold

After the base coat is dry I apply a Heavy wash of Agrax earth shade

After the base coat and wash are dry I applied a HEAVY dry brushing of Gehenna's gold with a wash of Reikland flesh shade to bring out the reds and yellows in the gold.

After the previous steps I took a LIGHT dry brushing of P3 solid gold

Here you can see the armor done and moving into blocking in the wings sword and guns, I used Celestra grey for the base coat on the wings P3 coal black for the sword and Chaos Black for the guns.

Here you can see the wings finished, Base coated as above, apply a wash of Asurman blue once that's dry I applied a Administration grey  dry brush over the whole wing, then it was Ulthuar Grey on the Bottom 3/4ths of the wing leaving 1/4th of previous color showing then it was a Praxel white on the bottom 1/4 of the wing leaving the previous shades showing.

Here you can see the red on the red parts being applied that consisted of Mesphiostion red , followed by evil sunz scarlet, then wild rider in the bottom corners with a dot of white to give the impression of a gem.

This was my first attempt at a tutorial for armor and wings, thou I don't show the other parts I will post finished pictures of them and comment on what I did to achieve the final finished miniatures. This is a decent first attempt at a tutorial IMO for armor and wings using Mostly the new GWS paints. If you have any questions please comment and I will try to answer them if I can.

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