Sunday, August 5, 2012

1st tourenment with Flesh Tearers in 6th Edition

Well I went to a local Tournament this Saturday, Using 1000 points of Flesh Tearers and 500 points of Tau Allies. Well by the end of the day I had a record of ...0-3?!?! I lost all my battles but had a blast and liked some of the cinematic feel of my battles. My first Battle was against white scars with Imperial Guard allies, My opponent had a manticore that was my bane, he pinned my Broadside suits and went down hill from their, the manticore at one point wiped out my 12 man fire warrior 2 gun drone squad in one shot!!! Seth and the assault squad in the storm raven didn't show up till 3rd turn but by then all my units were dead except for the Sgt of one of my Tactical squads. the second battle was against A salamander Successor chapter with Imperial guard Allies. did better but when my Storm raven showed up on the second turn it was Vaporised with all aboard  by the gun from the Fortification and went down hill from there. the final game was against 1st company Death wing with Grey knight allies so ....All terminators, dragio and a Paladin. did better almost won this one, Highlight point of the battle was dragio marching across the field absorbing Rail gun shots from my broadsides every turn to end up in Hand to hand with them , where they lasted 2 full turns against dragio. Had fun wish I would have done better but will learn more as I play more.

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