Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Airbrush Mishaps

Today i found Time to break out my Airbrush to Base coat up some of the remaining space marines I have for my Flesh Tears. Thing is it is a chore to set up my airbrush area, My wife God bless her soul puts up with my hobby quite well, But I haven't tested the whole limit of airbrushing in her house LOL. So I am regulated to the Garage, I have a Paint booth kinda like this Paint booth, that my wife had made at her job, well I hooked up my compressor and brush and had paints ready and miniatures ready and found that my Airbrush was Jammed!!! I apparently didn't clean it thoroughly when i last used it, So disconnected it, unassembled the brush and cleaned it with Isopropal alcohol that did the job, well did some research online notably at and found that Windex and warm water in a Ultrasonic Cleaner would greatly help me. so I ran to Harbor freight and bought this one. cleaned the brush again and away I went base coating my miniatures. Long story short CLEAN your airbrush properly!!! lesson learned

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