Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paint pots to Paint dropper bottles

Well today My mini funnels came in the mail, the Last part of the process I needed to swap all my paints to Dropper bottles. So Label Maker, CHECK, Dropper bottles, CHECK, Paints, CHECK, Flow Aid and retarder, CHECK!!! I started the process and a few things I have learned as I go for those planning to do something similar. 1) make a small dropper bottle of Water , and another for Flow Aid and Retarder Mix. I found for myself personally that 20 drops of water then 20 drops of flow aid retarder mix in a brand new pot of Games workshop paint is about correct. I tested paints as I went along to make sure the mixture wasn't to thin or thick. Good so far. Only had 1 problem for some reason Cermite white base paint I added the water and then flow aid and retarder mix, it went from Paint to GEL. Kinda like if you added lemon juice to milk it curdles!!!! needless to say that was interesting. thou it was my only mishap so far. I will continue the process tomorrow, Almost half way Through all my paint pots to dropper swap

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  1. I wanted to post an Update on this process!!!
    I took a break from painting for a week or so after I swapped out the pots to dropper bottles. Well I have returned to painting and found my Paints to be ALMOST unuseable, So I contacted Ron over at from the warp and we corresponded in email and he gave me a few Ideas namely adding a stainless steel nut to the dropper to help thoughly mix the pigments with the flow aid and retarder. It seems to have worked for the time being and mixed the paint together. Only Time will tell.